Modern Beauty

For women who want to take on the world. Every woman deserves to be reminded that she’s a work of art. The modern beauty experience includes hair, makeup, and a session that will make you feel like a superstar, so you can face the world with confidence and pride.

Celebrating Sisterhood

We all have that one woman in our life who’s been there for us through every high and low. They’re our mothers, sisters, bffs, our neighbors, and they deserve to know how important they are.


Formal Portrait

When you love the traditional, a formal portrait will be treasured for generations. Add an oil-painted finish for an exceptional, unique piece of art.


Acting/ Model portfolio

Ideal for new actors and models trying to break into the profession. Created with the target market in mind, portfolios can showcase commercial, fashion, and fine-art.


Commercial Portraits

In business, image is everything. You need portraits of yourself and your staff that reflect your brand and attract your ideal clients.

Interior of the living room

Commissioning photographic art isn’t a journey you should travel alone


Whether you’re commissioning artwork for your walls or photography that tells a story in a series of images, my full-service process means I walk with you through every step, helping you make the right decisions and understand all the possibilities so you get the right artwork in the right size and the right format for you. 

Interior of the living room
Natural light portrait
Mock up poster, hipster bedroom, 3d illustration

Capturing the perfect portrait is only part of my job


Because your portraits are your heritage, you deserve quality that will last - and look wonderful doing it. I work with the best suppliers to offer you exquisite fine-art prints, beautiful display boxes, artisan canvases, and tactile albums.


products - prints.jpg
Mock up poster, hipster bedroom, 3d illustration

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