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About Me

Born in England, forty-*mumble* years ago, I lived in Scotland for a decade before coming stateside in 2005. I was given a camera on my *mumble* birthday (which means I have nearly 40 years behind the lens) and turned it into a business 2 years ago last Halloween. Ignore that last number, I have my 10,000 hours and made an awful lot of mistakes already - which just means I know how to handle myself.

My approach is more directive and posed than you’ll see in a lot of newer photographers. There’s a reason for that. Still, sessions with me are relaxed, fun, and focused on getting the portrait you need - however challenging it may be.

Before going pro with photography, I managed IT projects. In that career, I worked with everyone from C-suite executives to brand new developers and folks on the front line. I’m used to scoping projects, solving problems, and making sure requirements were met. As nice side effect, I can connect and communicate with pretty much anyone. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, I speak your language (as long as it’s English).

I’ve won a few awards already (you can check them out below if you’re interested) and I hope there are more to come. I’m also I’m a Certified Professional Photographer - a technical certification granted by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Giving back is important to me, so I volunteer as a photographer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep providing remembrance photography for parents facing a loss at birth. I’m also active within the photography community, giving support and mentoring to aspiring photographers and professionals alike. In January, I’ll take over as President of the Professional Photographers of North East Ohio, a local affiliate of PPA which offers training and networking to photographers across Ohio.

My husband Paul and I live in beautiful Willoughby, Ohio with far too many cats.

Awards, Shows, & Recognition


International Photographic Competition, 2018

  • Meritorious image accepted into the General Collection - "The Cell'

  • Meritorious image accepted into the General Collection - "Iris - Messenger of the Gods'

Professional Photographers of Ohio 2018 Image Competition

  • J. Anthony Bill Award - awarded to the most outstanding portrait

  • Judge's Choice Ribbon

  • 2018 Top Ten Professional Photographer of Ohio

Professional Photographers of North-East Ohio, 2018

  • PPNEO Illustrative Photographer of the Year

  • PPNEO Album Photographer of the Year

Photographers Only Show, August 2018

  • 1st place in 'People' for 'A Stolen Moment'

  • 2nd place in 'Digital' for 'Snow Leopard'

Photoblast '18 Art Show

  • Awarded one of 3 honorable mentions

Juried Art Shows

  • "Photographers Only" Show - August 10th - September 4th 2018 at Stella's Art Gallery, Mentor, OH

    • 1st place in People category

    • 2nd place in Digital category

  • "Life, Celebration of Earth" - April 13th 2018 at Stella's Art Gallery, Mentor, OH