About Cath Smith Photography

Cath Smith Photography LLC first opened in 2016 when lifelong photographer and artist, Cath Smith, left her career in IT to start her own business taking beautiful, fine art photographic portraits that are much more than just a photograph.  At CSP we believe everyone is extraordinary and that everyone should exist in art.

In July 2017, Cath opened a studio in the historic Downtown Willoughby district. The studio allows us to better serve our clients by providing multiple existing sets and a fully customizable stage so we can create unique sets and settings for each client. We also have a large 'green room' area which contains a dressing room, makeup area, hanging space for your clothes, and a place for family and friends to sit and relax while the session is taking place. Our welcome area serves multiple duties as a gallery, a consultation space, and the viewing area where you'll see your portraits for the first time - projected on the wall at full size so you can figure out what works best for your needs and for the portraits you're purchasing. 

Unlike some larger studios, Cath is the only portrait artist working in the studio, so you know your images will be created by a Certified Professional Photographer, an award-winning photographer, and a craftswoman of light and lens. 

Cath Smith Photography is proud to be an inclusive establishment, welcoming everyone seeking portrait art regardless of background.