About Cath Smith Photography

Walking into Cath Smith Photography is like walking into the Tardis. On the outside, it’s a fairly plain little commercial building just a block past the main strip in historic Downtown Willoughby and tucked behind a Domino’s Pizza and a hobby store, but when you open the grey door to suite T4 there’s a whole new world the other side.

The studio is set up to be a combination of warm and welcoming, practical and functional, and completely flexible so we can create utterly unique and different portraits for every single session. The 1000 sq ft camera room houses a variety of seating, props, and backgrounds - many custom-made especially for the studio. And we have a second huge and separate space just off the main studio where you’ll hang your clothes, change, get hair and makeup done, and generally hang out. Water, tea, coffee, and snacks are always available, and there is plenty of space for your family or friends to relax and wait while you have your portraits taken.

Unlike some larger studios, I’m is the only photographic artist working in the studio, so you know your images will be created by me. 

Cath Smith Photography is proud to be an inclusive establishment, welcoming everyone seeking portrait art regardless of background.