A little self-love

"Wow, that woman really loves herself!"

I was having coffee with a marketing consultant last week and talking about my website. We had stopped on the homepage and right up there at the top I show a picture of a beautiful, white living room with light pouring through the windows and a collage of three images of one of my clients hanging above the sofa. When I explained the subject was a senior, my coffee companion nodded. "That makes more sense" she said. 

It wasn't until much later in the day that I started to think about it. We don't think twice about displaying the portraits of the people we love - our parents, our children, our friends. So why do we have this block about displaying portraits of ourselves?

We work hard and spend a lot of money to feel good about ourselves - hit the gym every day, spend thousands of dollars every year on cosmetics and clothes that smooth over the imperfections and make us look good. So why do we have this reluctance to display portraits of ourselves in our home?

Arrogance? modesty? pride? Maybe.

But what do you have to gain?

Quite a lot, as it happens. Because having a portrait on the wall says "this person is special" and "this person is worth it," portraits of ourselves can help boost our self-esteem and our feelings of self-worth.

And you don't have to display the portraits large and proud above your sofa or in communal areas where visitors might come. Have a special place in your home - a stairwell or beside your mirror in your dressing room, or in the by the coat rack where you'll stop in the morning. Somewhere that you see every day, so that before you leave and when you come home again, you have that reminder that you are special, and you are worth it.