Brand You (and your Business) Savvy

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If brand refers to a consistent promise of what consumers can expect from your company...

Then what the heck is a PERSONAL BRAND?

A personal brand is all about YOU. In this session learn 10 ways you can strengthen your personal brand to reinforce your company's promise and generate more business.

Tuesday October 17,  7 pm

$15 per person

Presented by: Tamara Zupancic and Cath Smith Photography

Tamara Zupancic is a self-proclaimed brand artist. Through her company Brands 2Be, she is helping small business owners strengthen their brands by providing identity development, visual creation, and strategic marketing services. Tamara is also the Marketing Manager at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design, an Eastlake-based building systems engineering firm. She is an advocate of the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce where she serves on the Board of Directors and is an active participant on the local, regional, and national levels of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

Cath Smith Photography is a boutique photography studio in downtown Willoughby specializing in portraiture and personal and corporate branding imagery. With a lifetime behind the camera and 20 years in the business world, Cath has unique insight into the impact of branding and helping you express your personality through portraiture. 

Cath Smith