You're wrong about beauty


Almost everything you know about beauty is nonsense.

There are standards for beauty that involve symmetry and ratios and all of that stuff, as if beauty is something that can be measured. As if it’s a comparison against some perfect standard.

It’s not.

Beauty is the smile that brightens your cashier’s day.

It’s the sparkle in your eye when you hold the door for someone.

It’s the wag in your dog’s tail and the snores of your sleeping cat.

It’s the glow you get from hugging your kids.

It’s how your husband feels when he looks at you.

Beauty isn’t about how you look. It’s about how you make people feel about you.

Stop looking in the mirror to judge yourself and start looking at how people react when they see you. And every time they smile, when their eyes light up, when they throw their arms open and come in for a hug. When they do that, you’re beautiful.