Having some fun with digital painting

I love the look of painted portraits, but oils are not my gig (I can't stand the smell of them, even though they take me back to my childhood kitchen where my father would season his cricket bats with linseed oil). I'm a bit of a clutz and there's a guarantee that any paint in the area will decorate my clothes as much as they will the canvas they're intended for.

So I was thrilled to discover that you can do something similar digitally. the process is very much the same - although instead of a brushstroke it's a stroke of the pen. I can layer color on top of the digitally captured photography. It takes time and patience and a lot of practice. But I've been getting some great results with the samples I've tried so far.

framed painted.jpg

My next step is working with a lab that can render these onto canvas and provide detail sympathetic to the art work. If I can wok that out soon, I hope to offer these in the studio starting in the summer!

painted detail.jpg