Size really does matter...

Wall portrait sizes.jpg

Something I hear a lot from clients is "I don't have room for anything larger than an 8" x 10" portrait on my walls."

I bet you do. 

Take a look around your home. Where would you hang a portrait of your family? Your television only takes up one wall of your living room (I hope!) - there should be at least three more. Do you have an entrance hall - I bet that has a big ol' mirror in it. What's on the opposite wall? What's on the wall next to the stairs? Or in the hallway outside the bedrooms? Maybe you eat in the dining room every day, or have space (away from the stove) in the kitchen. 

We usually have more wall space than we realize. (But, if you can prove to me you genuinely can't fit anything larger than an 8"x10" in your home, I'll happily help you with that.) 

You care about your loved ones more than you care about your television (I hope!) - so why is your television so much larger than your family portrait? (And which of the two will be sitting on the tree lawn in 10 years time?).

When you choose a smaller portrait to remember your family, your children, your relationships, you lose detail. There are some things that just don't render small (as you can see in the header image), or that you can't see unless you're standing right on top of the portrait. Enjoyment has to be deliberate. With a larger image, you'll find yourself catching it out of the corner of your eye, or staring at it when you're not expecting it - and it will raise your spirits. 

Don't sell your family (or yourself) short. They are your everything. Show them that.

Oh! And that 8" x 10" doesn't belong on your wall. 

Wall portrait sizes shown to scale.

Wall portrait sizes shown to scale.