Professional Portraits

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Professional portraits that show who you are, not just what you look like...

In this digital age, the very first contact most people have with us is through our online profile. Potential clients make decisions to work with us, and potential employers make decisions to hire us based on that first impression. So it's essential that your professional portraits captures who you are. 

We work with you to ensure we capture your brand and your personality in your professional portrait. We'll talk on the phone first to get a feel for what you need and how you want to be perceived, whether there are any specific requirements for your professional portraits, talk about how the portraits will be used, and to answer any questions you might have. 



Professional PortfoliO

Professional hair & makeup artistry
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Basic Business Portrait

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I just finished a consultation with a new coaching client who decided to hire me. What made her initially pick up the phone and call me? She said it was my picture. This new client said she could tell from looking at my picture that I am both kind and professional.
— Tracy Baranauskas‎, Certified Life Coach