Samantha Mariast

Cath Smith is an amazing artist! She has the ability to capture emotion and beauty in camera. This combination makes her unique in the professional arena. Not only is she able to capture the most amazing images, she is also a genuine, and caring individual. Thank you Cath for taking, what I consider, the best image of me that I have ever seen. I am not one to get in front of a camera, but you made me so comfortable, that I was able to be me!!! You are truly amazing!!!

Jilly Jones

Shooting with Cath is absolutely wonderful! Her studio is comfortable, with a waiting area and snacks for guests, and a large dressing room and makeup table. She's very easy-going and upbeat, making the shoot so relaxing yet fun. She helped me to pose very precisely, which made every photo amazing. I can't speak highly enough of Cath, I would recommend her for every photo session!