Tristy Berry

Cath has a great eye and makes me feel like a real supermodel when we have a photo shoot. The results are picture perfect and she is a pro at getting amazing results from her subjects.


Jen Petric-Black

Having a holiday photo shoot is not always fun, especially with 16-month old twins and a 3.5 year old. Piling everyone into the van in their Sunday best, walking through the mall during the busiest time of year, and attempting to keep the kids calm while the photographer promises just five more minutes is enough to drive any parent crazy. Then, add in the inexperienced photographer who keeps telling your kids to smile while they're wailing and screaming - yep, worst nightmare for parents. 

I wanted to avoid that, so I reached out to Cath. She came over to our house, set everything up and spent some time with the kids. There were some candid shots (to test the lighting), there were some formal shots (with 'nary a kid screaming!), and there were some great casual shots. She listened to what we wanted, understood how to get the best (and quickest) shots of the kids, and made the afternoon enjoyable. And the kids - they had fun! Our oldest really hammed it up, while the twins toddled around and didn't cry.

And the photos? They were amazing. Priceless, really. She truly captured the joy on their faces (and once or twice, a cry). It was the least stressful photo shoot I've ever done. Would I use Cath Smith Photography again? You betcha.

Jessica Humphries

I do not love the camera. Something about being photographed makes me feel very exposed (forgive the pun) and vulnerable, but Cath was supporting, engaging, and managed to make me forget I usually prefer to blend into the wallpaper.