At Cath Smith Photography, we offer three simple steps to classic, timeless portrait art.

STEP ONE: Planning

We always start with the end in mind. During the planning process we’ll talk about your needs and lifestyle and figure out the portrait products that suit you best. Then we'll consider your style and identify colors, clothing, and a theme for your portraits.

STEP TWO: Crafting Timeless Portraits

This is when the magic happens! We start the session by getting you comfortable and settled in to the studio. Over a cup of tea or coffee, we'll review the session plan and goals and go through the session strategy. Then it's time to get ready for your performance!

Throughout the session, Cath will guide you through both structured and unstructured posing sequences and sets to ensure you have a variety of images to choose from and to make sure you get something you love. 

Once the session is complete, we'll check and make sure that we covered everything we planned to cover and set up a time for the selection and ordering appointment. 

STEP THREE: Selection and Purchase

A week or two after the session, you'll return to the studio to view the portraits from the session. Because choosing your favorites can sometimes be the hardest part, we walk with you, guiding you through selecting the right images, formats, and sizes for your individuals needs based on the discussions we had in the planning stage. If you've provided images of the walls you want to hang your portrait art on, you'll be able to view images as they will look on your walls.